L’étrange histoire de Furcy Madeleine : 1786-1856 (The strange story of Furcy Madeleine 1786-1856)
Presentation of the exhibition book

Designed like a catalogue, but in a smaller format, the book reproduces all the texts of the exhibition, which traces the important stages of the troubled life of Furcy.

It is based on an analysis of a large number of documents from the archives, as well as scientific research carried out by Gilles Gérard, Doctor in anthropology and history, research by Sue Peabody, university lecturer in the state of Washington (United States) and Jérémy Boutier, legal historian.

L’étrange histoire de Furcy Madeleine : 1786-1856
Under the scientific direction of de Jean Barbier et Jérémy Boutier
Texts by Gilles Gérard
Edition Musée historique de Villèle, 2020
Collection Patrimoniale Histoire

Presentation of the book by Jérémy Boutier.
Shooting (Jean Barbier), Editing (Jérémy Boutier), Technique (Alexandre Boutié).
Music (Maloya. Groupe Folklorique de La Reunion).
All rights reserved – Villèle Museum – September 2020
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