2022 edition

Once again, this year’s 20th December celebrations will be truly festive 20 Désanm celebrations!

As it has done since 2018, the Departmental Council will celebrate the abolition of slavery:
• by bringing together the population of Reunion around this important date in our history, on a site that is emblematic of the system of slavery, the very site where, in a few years time, will be inaugurated the Villèle museum having a new function and telling the history of slavery and the estate;
• by welcoming personalities and experts from France and from Indian Ocean countries, in order to share this commemorative event.






The programme for the 2022 celebrations promises to be rich and dense. It will be an opportunity to show that the project for the future museum is making progress (the archaeological dig), to disseminate new historical facts (Edmond Albius is the personality we have decided to honour this year), to promote the heritage we have received from the period of slavery (the Creole language, the Maloya, Creole cooking) and simply to share the celebration of freedom. The 20th December celebrations started in advance, with History Day organised on the site, the organisation of the Villèle cross-country race, the presentation of trophies for races dedicated to maroonage … all leading up to the climax of the celebrations on 19th and 20th December.
Hoping that this edition will be as successful as those in the past, both solemn and fraternal!

Cyrille Melchior,
President of the Departmental Council



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