Four “heritage and creation” artists’ residencies as part of the commemoration

Christine Salem and Deborah Herbert
“From fields of sugar cane to songs of cotton”

Two artists, two voices, from Reunion and from the United States, in a long-term residency at the museum and in the de Villèle neighbourhood (2017, 2018), mingling their musical, human and cultural heritage in a joint repertoire of 15 or so songs.

First performance at the de Villèle Museum on 20th December. Christine Salem (vocals, kayamb), Deborah Herbert (vocals) – Harry Périgone and Zélito Déliron (percussions). The Amadeus choir directed by Lydie Géraud – Lolita Tergémina (vocals and scenography).


Jean-Pierre Joséphine called Jozéfinn’


Inspired by the specific atmosphere of the museum site, by the lithograph portrait ‘Célimène with guitar’, conserved at the de Villèle Museum, and in homage to the musician (1807-1864), Josefinn’ proposes original compositions, as well as an arrangement of seminal Reunionese music.

In his creation, the musician evokes at the same time the site of the museum, the inhabitants and the natural environment of Saint-Gilles-les-Hauts, his birthplace. From popular culture to Indian Ocean creation. The acoustic guitar of Josefinn’ will be accompanied by percussions, the timbila of Matchum Zango from Mozambique, and Bongani Sotshononda from South Africa on the marimba.




Max Boyer-Vaïtilingom



After taking part in memorial projects linked to the history of slavery around the world, the artist will devote his residency to coproducing a pictorial fresco and a sculpture around the topic of intergenerational transmission of the memory of slavery.

The de Villèle primary school will welcome this residency, involving pupils, teachers, staff and parents.




Maxwell Southgate, known as MAK1ONE
Extramural creative residency




Pioneer of street art in South Africa for the last 30 years, recognised as one of the founders of the movement, MAK1ONE will perform in the Moraingy arena in Saint-Gilles-les-Hauts. This residency has been made possible thanks to a number of partners: the De Villèle Museum, the town hall of Saint-Paul, the Reunion Moringue committee, the Kan Villèle Association and the NGO Baz Art (Cape Town).



Born in a South African township, MAK1ONE experienced the periods of apartheid and post-apartheid. His ascendants were Bushmen and Khoi-san. He has exhibited in South Africa, Europe and the United States and will take part in encounters with street artists from Reunion.


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