The Internet ‘Slavery Portal’ in Reunionese Creole

In order to promote the Creole language and enable the whole Reunionese population to access the Internet Slavery Portal, the Villèle museum, working in close collaboration with Lofis la lang kréol (Creole language bureau) has started work on translating its content.

In order to facilitate accessibility, we are also offering visitors an audio version of the texts written by our researchers.

This year, we are presenting the Creole translation of the articles published under the section entitled ‘The Plantation Society’.
The work will continue throughout the year 2023.

Lofis la lang kréol La Rényon (Reunion Creole Language bureau) was set up in 2006 with the aim of “working towards the knowledge, observation and promotion of the Reunion Creole language in the context of harmonious French-Creole bilingualism.” Since then, it has continued its work of promoting our Reunionese language by organising encounters, exhibitions and cultural events. Our association also carries out important work of structuring the language through research and publications on the spelling, grammar and vocabulary of kréol rényoné (Reunionese Creole).

To this aim, Lofis la lang kréol responded favourably to the request made by the Departmental Council, wishing to offer the Reunionese population a Creole translation of the museum’s publications, such as the pamphlet presenting its three museums having the status of ‘Musée de France’, already issued, and now the texts of the Internet Slavery Portal produced by the Villèle museum.

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